ABOUT ME JCh./ Ch. Good Fellow Carlos


My full name is Good Fellow Carlos, "Carlos" is my first name.
I was born on 28th of March 2008 with my brother called Benny in Moosrain near by Murnau. My birth took a while, so my breeders were a little bit concerned and drove to the veterinary surgeon. Then it happened on the backseat in the car of my breeder on the parking area in front of the veterinary surgeon - I was here.
My birth weight was 217 gram.
I was able to open my eyes on 05th of April 2008.
My current "fighting weight" is 9,9 kg.

On 13th of June 2008 I moved in my new home. I moved from the foothills of the Alps in the beautiful county called Donau-Ries, to be more precise, to the market town Kaisheim. My breeders personally attended me to my new home. There my new mistress and master wistfully anticipated my arrival! Of course I explored everything and claimed my tenure:

    June 2008  

You certainly want to know more about me, ok, let's begin! How can I describe me?
I am a very athletic, curious, wakeful and observing guy, that is game for anything.

    April 2009     December 2009

I am of a well tempered and balanced character, I am fond of children

  October 2009

intelligent, playful, cuddly, self-assured and also fearless.

  December 2009

Every change is announced by me at once.

I want to introduce my dog family with that I was allowed to spend my puppy time:
Tam-Ra's "Jazz" N To The Beat, me, grand-ma Amica "Wilma", mother Cover Girl "Pünktchen" of the kennel Jolly Joker..

    December 2008

.. and that guy beside me is my father: Patrician "Bud" of the kennel Victory Lane

  August 2008     July 2009

At home I am master of my mistress' turtels and of our house and courtyard

    June 2009

Among other things my hobbies are dog shows; there I am totally relaxed and I make my owners proud.

  October 2008     December 2008

  August 2009

Further hobbies are hiking, trips, long walks

        August 2008

and I love to holiday in Italy at Lake Garda:

    October 2008

    May 2009

To go by car is no problem for me. Far from it! I want to see the whole world, I fold my ears streamlined and here we go

  December 2008     December 2009

I am used to sleep in beds - like probably every Boston Terrier :)

    August 2008

  June 2009     December 2009

Relaxing, having a rest and lazing around belongs to my life as well

  March 2009     April 2009

  Juli 2009     September 2009

  December 2009     February 2009

  March 2010     June 2010

  June 2010  

as romping and playing with my girlfriends and friends.
First I want to mention my girlfriend Nelly, we daily get together and we know us inside out - an eternal love!

    April 2009  

Another girl of my heart is Batuuli, I like big girls:

    January 2009

    October 2009

Real "friendships between men", fellows and buddies are Chilli

  May 2009   July 2009

    August 2009

    October 2009
don't dare to move..                              

and Virgil. No other breed plays like Boston Terriers do ;)

  March 2009     July 2009     November 2009

I became fond of Victory Lane Freedom Forever "Flo" of the kennel Genuine Delight.
We know each other since puppy time. With Paula I had a fancy romance!

  July 2010
Flo and Carlos

I attended the pet obedience school - there I pleased my mistress and master and became friends with many other dogs.

  April 2009     June 2009

You have to revel also: my first birthday! I dressed up..

  March 2009

.. and at Christmas I made a fool of myself:

  December 2008     Dezember 2009

Because I am a small macho sometimes, You will find a few posing pictures in the following:

  January 2009     April 2009     April 2009

  June 2009     November 2009

  February 2010     March 2010

I think, that is enough for the moment. I will keep You informed and cheekily say good-bye ;)

  May 2009